The collision and accident repair shop PL8 Smithers Ltd is located in Helsinki, Viikinmäki, and is approved by insurance companies. All sheet metal and paint work is done professionally and quickly, with extremely high quality. We paint and repair everything: from small, dent repairs to large body adjustments and full-body paintings - on all types of cars and vans.

Tools and equipment
We use the latest repair equipment and tools. The requirements of the manufacturers are completely fulfilled also after our repair work, thus manufacturer's guarantees are still valid. On your behalf we can arrange damage assessment with your insurance company.

For estimating repairs, we utilize the same WinCABAS- system, which is compatible with the software used by insurance companies. This allows a more precise estimate of total costs involved. We work in close cooperation with all insurance companies, which make the transactions quick and easy for all parts.

At PL8 Smithers, we offer you professional service in all dent, collision, accident repairs and auto painting issues. In case of any accident or dent, we are pleased to help and guide you quickly and reliably.

Come and visit us at Collision Repair PL8 Smithers!